You’re Invited to Join Squirrel Friendz Drag Ambassador Program!

Introducing Squirrel Friendz, Canada’s First 2SLGBTQ+ owned liquor brand, based in Vancouver BC. We currently offer our products in British Columbia and Alberta, with plans for further expansion underway.

Founders Kyle and Jeremy, best friends with a passion for inclusivity, wanted to create a brand that celebrated diversity and represented the community. Squirrel Friendz was born out of their desire to bring year-round inclusivity to an industry that lacked it.

Our mission is to promote love and acceptance, ensuring that everyone feels valued and celebrated. We raise a glass to unity with every pour, breaking down barriers and spreading joy. Squirrel Friendz is more than just about the spirits we craft; it’s about uplifting spirits, nurturing friendships, and advocating for a vibrant, diverse community. Together, we create a world where everyone can experience equality while embracing their true selves.

We are proud to donate a portion of our sales proceeds to local community organizations that support the 2SLGBTQ+ community. Our recent donation to QMUNITY is just one example of our ongoing commitment to making a positive impact.

What are our goals?

Since our launch in July 2023, we’ve been making waves and turning heads in the best way possible! We’ve rocked local events like Punchbowl, Hopscotch, Vancouver Black Block Party, and Vancouver Cocktail Week, and let’s not forget the most important part: people are going wild for our amazing taste! Oh, and did we mention we’re the first and only 2SLGBTQ+ owned and operated company in town, supporting local organizations like nobody else?

Our dream is to be the hottest spirit brand around, with a huge social media following and sales to match. Why? Because the more we sell, the more we can give back to our community!

Who are we looking for?

We’re scouting for some fierce drag artists who share our values, adore our product, and are all about revolutionizing the liquor scene while giving back to their communities. We want passionate peeps who are ready to slay the game with us as we conquer the world!

We’ll be sizing up candidates based on these juicy factors:

  1. What’s their marketing game like?
  2. How many fans do they have drooling over them?
  3. Do they already have their own fierce brand? Does it mesh with ours?
  4. Who else can’t get enough of them? What other brands have they teamed up with, and what sort of magic did they cook up?
  5. Can they slay on the job with a side of professionalism?

What’s cooking, Ambassadors? Brace yourselves for the ultimate recipe of success, because your victory is our victory!

  1. Whip up a biweekly post, story, or reel of our brand/products on your fave platform. (Psst, Insta is where it’s at!)
  2. Keep us in the loop! Tag us in any buzz-worthy events you’re attending, so we can whip up a shareable storm.
  3. Hashtag, hashtag, hashtag! Show us some love by using our brand hashtags (ex. SquirrelFriendz,InclusiveVodka, etc) in your posts.
  4. Get creative and shout out about our products beyond social media. (ex. If you’re performing at a venue andthey carry our products, make a big ol’ announcement about it!)
  5. We’re all about spreading the love, so let us know about any local organizations that we could support.

Let’s talk perks, baby!

  1. Join the cool kids’ club and become the face of our new, exciting, one-of-a-kind brand.
  2. Get your hands on free products and be the envy of all your friends and followers. Share the love and create some killer content while you’re at it!
  3. Swag alert! Be the first to get your paws on our fresh merch drops, from hats to tees to fans and beyond.
  4. Come hang with us at exclusive Squirrel Friendz sponsored events and shows. Oh, and did we mention you’ll get paid for your time? Cha-ching!
  5. Introduce us to a venue that falls head over heels for our products and we’ll reward you with a sweet $50 commission on their first order. Easy peasy.
  6. Get the inside scoop on all the latest and greatest happenings, from new product launches to top-secret squirrel business.
  7. Finally, the ultimate social media flex: regular tags in our oh-so-popular posts. Get ready for your followers to blow up!

Ready to sashay into the spotlight as a Squirrel Friendz Drag Ambassador?

Get those claws typing and send us a message below!

Be sure to include how we can find you on social media so we can check you out and follow you! (Be sure to follow us back!)

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